Molinero Capital Management - LLC

Molinero Capital Management LLC is a quantitative & systematic Commodity Trading Advisor trading Commodities, Currencies, Equities, & Bonds. It is a member of the NFA and is regulated by the CFTC (US regulator).

Molinero Capital Management offers various products trading futures and equities. Qualified investors may contact us at


Being both “User & Coder”, in order to run efficiently our Commodity Trading Advisor activities we built our trading and risk management platforms ourselves in-house. This is a proven solution since used by our team on day to day basis, constantly improved starting from XLS worksheets 10 years ago to best in class technology nowadays.

Since 2014, Molinero Capital decided to enable clients to benefit from its extensive business & technology expertise and knowhow on Trading & Risk management and offer to taylor and implement our solution for clients. For more details, click here.